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Thursday, July 19, 2012

The perfect storm

The Perfect Storm

Dishwasher broke, IPad broke, House Keeper went on vacation and Jeremy flat on his back for two weeks; after having a handful of kidney stones surgically removed.  The saying holds true, "you don’t know what you got until it’s gone."

Jeremy is healed now and back to work after four months of no full time job and we’re broke.  IPad is at the repair shop still no cleaning lady and dishwasher still broken.  It might sound like I’m a princess, in my defense I did close out Jonah’s college fund, cancelled my subscription to the Y and we turned off the cable.  These are the things and people that help me get my job done.  My support staff.

Jonah on the other hand is doing great, the sinus infections have magically cleared up. He’s loving school and his friends.  He begs for road trips to go see his cousins (5 hours away.)  Can’t wait to take him to Oregon in a few weeks.  Jonah is an awesome traveler.  He easily adjusts to where ever we go.  We’re planning his 4th Birthday, I’m actually ok with it, I haven’t been able to throw him a party for two years. I let grandma take care of it.  But Jonah is doing so well academically, emotionally and physically.  That I’m not so panicked about his age.  So despite the household system failure, we’re doing pretty well.

The Netherlands was bitter sweet as usual.  Good to see my friends and talk to our scientists, everyone is very optimistic.  I’m happy with how much science is happening for us now.  It’s just hard to accept that we’re years out from any trial. Our group of parents are doing everything we can to drive all the science we can.  Raquel is going to give us the recap on what we learned from the Netherlands conference.

My European families have been feeling the recession.  Sanfilippo Sud’s 2nd annual concert fundraiser was a big disappointment.  Last year they raised 20K this year they raised 4k.  So I’m a bit nervous about our wine tasting event.  JJB has a big chunk of change to make up by our September 1st payment.  On that note if you got one of our dozen invites for Salut, Prost, Cheers To A Cure.  The wine tasting event and silent auction is taking place on the 12th of August.  This is an open event so please pass along your invites to friends.  Despite the fact that it’s for a great cause it’s an awesome deal. Twelve wineries that are spread out through the Willamette Valley all in one place.  Plus Fire Mountain Brewery and awesome band.  Not to mention Cafe Uncorked will be catering the small bites. We’re still taking silent auction donations and there are a few more tables up for sponsorship.  A great opportunity to show the community your support and to network.  BTW I did work in sales for 20 years, the pitch comes naturally to me. ha

I have some huge news.... we launched Phoenix Nest on Monday!  It actually feels a bit anticlimactic, I should be thrilled that I created a new company a freaking virtual biotech no-less!  I’m a CEO of a biotech, doesn’t that get you some sort of honors at your HS reunion or something?  Under any other circumstances I would be giddy with pride and probably a little nervous.  But I’m neither it just feels like the next logical step.

So what’s a virtual biotech?  We’re a “dry” lab meaning that all the work is sourced out. Phoenix Nest is here to ultimately facilitate a clinical trial.  While we wait for the science to catch up.  We will continue to write small business loan grants to help continue funding of our research and to gain Intellectual property.  In the mean time I’m seeking angel investors to pay for the management teams salaries and lawyer fees.

The name Phoenix Nest comes from the mythological bird that made its nest
from frankincense, myrrh and spices. In essence, the bird’s nest is a pharmacy; and the virtual
biotech, Phoenix Nest, wants to provide a place where
parents can find treatments for their sick children.

To leave you in good thoughts:  My neighbor had a stoop sale for JJB (a stoop sale is the brooklyn version of a garage sale.)  They had a stroller priced at $50.00 a customer stopped by and said: “50.00 bucks and this is for charity?”  Reply: “yes”  Customer: “would you take $100 for it?”

That brought tears to my eyes. Customer... who ever you are thank you!

p.s. We’re taking donations for the silent auction if you want to donate contact Janet at

p.s.s Wineries Pouring: Stoller, Anderson Family Vineyards, Antica Terra, August Cellars, Brooks Wines @brookswinery, DePonte Cellars, Daedalus Cellars, Hyland Estate, J. Wrigley, Twelve, Walnut City Wineworks and White Rose.

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