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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Greetings from Sunny Florida, WORLD Symposium 2013.

Sit by me for a second, I want you to hear this.

Yesterday I sat in a huge auditorium listening to Alexey present his findings from our mouse model.  The timeline of the disease progression- at three months our mouse exhibits fearlessness is anxious and hyper.  Six months cognitive slow down and 12 months death.

He then shows his movie of our type C mouse side by side with a healthy mouse.  In the video we watch how the healthy mouse is careful to just run the perimeter of his box, not daring to leave the security of the sides and run out in the open. On the other side you see our darling type C mouse darting back and forth without a care in the world and no fear of entering the open area.

It’s hard to watch and hear, the entire audience is looking at this poor mouse, what are they thinking? Just then my sitter sends a picture text.  There’s my Jonah at the playground. Sure he has no fear and he’s probably making his sitter run for her money.  But that’s our Jonah happy, full of life and by all appearances totally healthy.  This is my son, he’s not that mouse.  We're all in an agreement right?  We have to make our treatment happen and fast.

By the way our new site is up. :)  Check it out.