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Monday, November 14, 2011

Confusion and Delay

For everyone that is confused....I'm going to try and attempt to explain the Chase Community Giving program.

My sister organization(s) are in the running for a $250,000 grant. The top 100 charities with the most votes will share 3million. 1st place is $250,000 2,3,4 and 5th places win $100,000. 6th-100 get $25,000 each.

-You need to have a FB account to vote.
-Search for Chase Community Giving and "like" the page and "allow the app"
-Search for JLK Sanfilippo Research Foundation, cast your vote
-You get ten votes and you only vote once.
-This is the link to JLK's profile on CCG, but you have to like CCG before you can vote!

We suggest that you vote for our following alliance:
1. JLK Sanfilippo Research Foundation
2. Team Sanfilippo
3. Ben's Dream
4. The Will Lutchcke Foundation
5. The Childrens Medical Research Foundation
6. Pennies For Nicoll
7. Hannah's Hope
8. Exstinguish Hunters Hope

The 6 first listed foundations are all Sanfilippo Foundations. Together we could easily win $450,000 for Sanfilippo research.
Jonah's Just Begun is not on the list because our foundation is to new and did not make the cut off date for eligibility (next time.) I'm helping the other US type C foundation promote (JLK Sanfilippo Research Foundation) Their daughter Lindsey is very sick and they needed the extra help. JLK and JJB have specific science that we would like to fund. Depending on how much we win.... $250,000 could fund three projects for an entire year! Two of which are for all types of Sanfilippo plus other Lysosomal Storage Diseases.

I hope that makes sense and there will be no more Delay in voting. We watch to much Thomas the Train. The catch phrase is: "Thomas you have caused confusion and delay."

Please vote. We could really really really use this grant. I'm not being mellow dramatic when I proclaim that this grant can save lives! Jonah's life being one of them.

We created a video that is posted on Jonah's Just Begun Youtube channel. This video is going to be upload to JLK's Community Giving profile.