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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Here we go again!

Did everyone read Patty's blog? Click the bold part if you didn't. If only I could have Patty's ability in writing! Patty is my neighbor (we live in Brooklyn, we have lots of neighbors!) However Patty is an exceptional Mom and neighbor, her sons attend Jonah's school. Patty also just so happens to write for Parenting magazine. Again I live in Brooklyn, we have lots of journalists/writers here (lucky for JJB!)

I'm blogging today to prepare all of our supporters to get ready for another round of internet voting. On November 8th (this Tuesday) the voting will begin with "Chase Community Giving". If you don't already have the app. on your face book page, please take a moment to add it now. If you don't have a fb page, here's your opportunity to break down and join the rest of the World.

JJB's sister foundation JLK-Sanfilippo Reaserch Foundation will be competing for one of the grant's (JJB will compete next time.) The voting starts on Tuesday and will run until the 22nd. You only have to vote one time. During that one time of voting you will have ten votes. I'm asking that you vote for JLK-Sanfilippo Research Group and Team Sanfilippo. We will undoubtably have more voting suggestions to come.

I Know a lot of people find the FB voting thing annoying. I do too, but lets face it, It's a whole lot of cash for very little effort. Just think of it as your way of helping the cause for free!

We will have lots more detailed information to come. In the mean time I just wanted to give you all a heads up so you can check out the Chase Giving site and look up JLK-Sanfilippo Research Foundation and Team Sanfilippo and give us a like and start spreading the word.

Love and Lite!
Jill, Jeremy and Jonah